Restaurant Bellavista knows how to unwind your senses and incite remarkable moments for you. The gourmet experience is crowned with unmatched views of Prague and the magic surroundings of Strahov Monastery.

About Bellavista

We take pleasure to introduce Bellavista – a unique restaurant which awaits you to unwind your senses. Tastes and savours blend together with a delight for the eye...

A truly gourmet treat is crowned with unmatched views of Prague sighted over scenic roofs of the venerable Lesser Town. The majesty of Prague Castle, enchantment of the city – Prague the mysterious within hand's reach, unique spaces found in the monastery garden, all these are tokens engaged into a harmonical entirety named Bellavista.

Come and taste the masterhood named Bellavista

Rustic cuisine respecting modern catering concepts or specialties sourcing from traditional Czech meals will certainly please admirers of good food and well-being while setting off for a walk along Prague's stone paved lanes and enjoying the unique locality – so poetic even on a regular week-day.

More about locality

Panoramatic view of Prague

Our restaurant offers a truly unique view: from the monastery garden, traditionally tendered with great care for all visitors, across the greenery of the park rolling out just from below our terrace, you can grasp the whole view of Prague before you as if laid on the palm of your hand. Looking to the left you can delight over the closely situated Hradčany – Prague Castle complex, while on the right you can see the dominating Petřín lookout tower surpassing the wooded Petřín hillside.

The central space interlocked within green hillsides opens widely to the city – its hundred-spired skyline typical for Prague in its whole beauty, as far as you can see... simply one of the most breath-taking views of this city inviting you to enjoy the vista while comfortably seated with a glass of wine or a delicious dinner.

Romantic garden

The terrace is adapted to numerous seating options embraced within the gentle ambience of the monastery garden. You can spend some relaxing moments with a cup of coffee and home-made dessert while feeling the closeness of the ancient fountain – the central point of the garden, or you can opt for tasting our freshly prepared specialties from the grill served under the famous Turkish Hazel.

The legend holds that the Turkish Hazel was blessed by the very own hands of Pope John Paul II who sojourned here. On the same line you can taste our culinary gems directly on the terrace with Prague's pleasant vista in front of you, or you may decide for a comfortable armchair in the cosy seclusion of the sheltered part of the terrace.

12th century cellars

It is our intention to convert the historical cellar spaces beneath the ancient monastery into a wine cellarage in the nearest future; this kind of correlation appears to be well matching as one dimension deserves the other – the history of the monastery interwoven with the lifelong story of viniculture…

The solid monastery walls – together with local phantoms the presence of which can be percepted with a bit of fantasy at every step within the spaces – will help us safeguard the quality of wine.


We have structured our menu to include servings which can satisfy favourers of light meals as well as lovers of Czech cuisine which offers dishes prepared to traditional recipes while following guidelines for modern cooking. We select our suppliers among local farmers; thus our guests can feast on a variety of tastes sourcing from spring, summer or autumn seasonal inspirations.

We care for freshness and top quality commodities

This year we have also extended our offer of salads and pasta in variations assorted per your personal selection and daily availability. Our pride are home-made desserts and home-baked fresh bread.

Our carefully assorted menu respects all seasonal choices and recommendations prepared by Chef de cuisine Mr. Josef Rychtr who represented the Czech Republic at numerous cookery "olympics" and was granted the long-term membership of the National chefs team; in his junior year he won the National Finals of the Czech Chefs Challenge and achieved Chef of the Year title.


Centuries of hospitality and "Oživlé dřevo" revival

Restaurant Bellavista is a touch of history; the very same flow of time casting Prague's magic over ages. It is a story you can see, live through and even taste. Restaurant Bellavista carries on the tradition of the formerly known restaurant Oživlé dřevo (enlivened wood) which once used to be a famous venue for important meetings.

The original interior was designed by the renowned artist Alois Chocholáč, creator of numerous sculptures and snag wood formations which were showcased at many exhibitions in different countries, among other having marked high success at the World Expo 58 in Bruselles. That was the origin of the restaurant's name symbolizing a creative revival in wood.

Our guests say...

It is appropriate to mention we have had the great honor to welcome celebrities of famous names like Sean Connery, the Rolling Stones, or Václav Havel and his wife, or Mr. Dmitry Medvedev. All of our famous guests were delighted with the locality and our cooking.

Prague is a beautiful city and this is a place where I enjoy it most.

Sean Connery

Lovely view. Prague is a heartbreaker.

Great cuisine, lovely waitress and most of all unforgettable panorama of 'Praha'. This is a 'must be' if you really want to experience Prague.

Bellavista was the place where Honza asked me for my hand in marriage... I am so happy. I have to thank Bellavista for a beautiful May evening, excellent French wine, radiant Prague and – the best man on Earth!

A superb place for a corporate event. All our friends from abroad relished the perfect organization, excellent cooking and the unforgettable view. Many thanks to the whole staff at Bellavista!


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