Easter Menu 2013 Bellavista

Christmas menu
Jelly of goat meat with rocket 189 Kč
Salad of dandelion, rocket and eggs with herb mayonnaise 235 Kč
Spring pea soup with milk foam 145 Kč
Kid nettle roulade stuffed with a thick gravy Grand Jus, soft bun dumplings, steamed young spinach 339 Kč
Confit lamb shank in wine sauce, mashed potatoes 425 Kč
“Wiener Schnitzel” fried in butter, welsch salad 1912 339 Kč
Domestic rabbit slowly roasted with vegetables and thyme, steamed potatoes Grenaille 339 Kč
Easter cake “Father Prior” 135 Kč
Valhorna chocolate mousse, cherries marinated in balsamic vinegar 135 Kč

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