The beauties of Prague, the venerable city with its typical scene can create an impressive coulisse in the background of your festive day. We have had numerous opportunities to cater to our guests at special occassions within a matching ambience for wedding lunches, receptions, parties and even wedding ceremonies. We are ready to vest our experience in preparing the event per your wish, take care of you and contribute with our service to make your special day an unforgettable and pleasant experience.

We can offer party menus arranged for special occassions, but of course we are ready to take action per your inspiration.

Sweet piano and violin tunes accompany your delight and intensify the ambience

The grassed area in the garden can be well utilized as a convenient background for a small ceremony or for situating party tables to the best comfort of guests and to match the occassion and help create an ambience where guests can communicate as they wish and interconnect into one self-contained, satisfied party company.

We are ready with our service and advice to prepare your wedding table and help create an unforgettable event with the typical Prague coulisse framing your special day. We can also arrange for live music which is one of our popular (and proven) additions. Sweet piano and violin tunes accompany your delight and intensify the ambience.

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